Sunday, November 13, 2011

Multi-page Javascript Bookmarklet

[Disclaimer: I don't know crap about javascript, other than what I pieced together from the 'tubes.]
I read something somewhere (I don't remember where) about having a bookmarklet that automatically opens your favorite sites, each in their own tab, when you click on it. I wanted to set up my own, but the article didn't explain how to do it (just suggested it as an idea). It's actually pretty easy.  Below is commented code:

  /* save a reference to the current window */
   * Replace the current window's or tab's website with this one.
   * If you just want additional windows (or tabs) opened
   * skip this.
  /* Each additional window/tab you want opened */'');'');
  /* restore focus to the original tab, since each
   * new window gets focus

Paste this entire javascript fragment in as the address for your bookmark. It may be easier to bookmark an arbitrary page, then edit that bookmark's title and address.